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Everything’s Racist

March 15, 2010

See this Bald Eagle sneaking up on this black bird? Does it remind you of anything? No? Well you need to wake up! This is the origin of slavery my friends. The black bird represents the Africans that were chillin on their continent until the American Bald Eagle a.k.a Whitey McIndianKiller, creeped up, snatched everybody and threw em in the bottom of a boat.

I’m sure that this little bird is stuck somewhere, cleaning a nest and feeding spoiled baby eagles, with his foot cut off, after his failed attempts for freedom. Give us free!

Here are my poorly thought out captions for the last photo:

Caption 1: “You forgot your boarding pass!” (a la Mike Lowry in Bad Boys)

Caption 2: “America, F*CK YEAH!”

Caption 3: The Fox network has a new show called “America’s Got Talons” (awful, I know)

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The Office

February 18, 2009


There are currently two microwaves in the kitchen at my job that are shared by everyone in the office. There’s a big white one that everyone loves and a little black one that barely works and is shunned by all. Blatant racism aside, you would think two microwaves would be sufficient right? WRONG! The white microwave has been broken down and/or replaced at least 6 times in 2 years and the black one broke once but nobody really cares about a crippled veteran. People just walk up to it and say “Maybe you should stop complaining about ‘Whitey’ and get a job and stop using my tax money to buy gizzards and ‘drank’ with your food stamps!” Sorry, I channeled Rush Limbaugh for a second…

How do grown ass adults break several microwaves? Kitchen appliances in college dorms last longer than this! Are there metal shavings in those nasty little Healthy Choice dinners or are they accidentally setting the Tupperware containers on the counter while placing the aluminum foil wrapped silverware in the microwave??

If there was a surveillance camera that could show how the microwaves are being destroyed every 4 months I bet the footage would look like this:

Blatant Racism

January 20, 2009

So I was browsing the webs the other day looking for some ill discounts, cuz thugs can be thrifty too, when all of a sudden I came across this:

Black Student DeskMan, the BLACK STUDENT desk sure is wack! I guess two shallow drawers in a scrawny little piece of Ikea furniture is enough for those underachieving coal babies, huh? Here’s one of the absolutely non-fake customer reviews that I totally didn’t just make up:

A black student desk?? Hehe, I bet there are at least two things that you’ll never see on it–a book and a resume. LOL! I’m sure they can use those little drawers to store their watermelon seeds and chicken bones. I don’t know if it’s sturdy enough for them to pound on it to make those jungle music “beats”, but there’s plenty of leg room for them to dribble a basketball! LMAO! Karl Rove/Jed Bush ‘2012!!!

Let’s see what happens when I google “white student desk” shall we?