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Oprah Does It Again!

May 5, 2009

And Oprah said, “Let there be chicken”, and there was chicken. Grilled, of course.

–The Bible of 11 Herbs and Spices


Thanks to The Oprah everyone in the universe is now entitled to download and print a coupon for 2 pieces of grilled chicken, 2 sides AND a biscuit at participating KFC restaurants. Yes, that’s right, the biscuit is included.

Go to the website NOW! You won’t be able to download the coupon after 5/6/09.


Kentucky Grilled Chicken?

April 14, 2009


Kentucky Fried Chicken announced that its restaurants will begin serving  GRILLED CHICKEN in addition to the original fried chicken recipe in an effort to increase profit margins and demonstrate its commitment to providing healthier choices to attract more customers.

Expect to be bombarded by a national multimedia advertising blitz within the next several minutes as KFC tries to spread the word. To get the ball rolling KFC has declared April 27, 2009 as “UNFry Day” in which participating restaurants will give out a free piece of grilled chicken to customers. Be sure to Google Map all of the KFC’s within a 20 mile radius so you and the kids can eat a meal’s worth of free samples for dinner that day.

By the way, if you didn’t click the link in the paragraph above I STRONGLY advise you to go to their website right now ( I suppose I should also warn you to prepare yourself for the amount of coonery that you’ll be exposed to on the left side of the screen.  How can any self respecting black people allow themselves to be recorded while proudly jiggabooing around a room eating chicken?! A WHITE room nonetheless. Obama moved us forward and now we’re going right back to square one! Dancing for chicken?!? If I buy a combo will it come with watermelon and black face paint too??

Stop smiling and show some damn dignity fool!

Stop smiling and show some damn dignity fool!

Will this work out for KFC or will it fail like everything else that they’ve tried with the exception of those delicious, crack-infused Honey BBQ Wings? A good way to measure its success is to see if  someone gets robbed over a bucket of chicken. If people start getting jacked for a grilled 10-piece, KFC definitely has a winner on its hands.