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Turn Ons: Diapers and The New Testament

February 24, 2009


A woman in Detroit, MI who told a man that she had “nowhere to stay” (sounds like hooker talk to me…) was kidnapped and escorted (hehe) 55 miles to Toledo, OH where she was then bound and gagged and stripped naked while her captor read Bible verses to her in his home which probably looked eerily similar to that of Buffalo Bill from Silence of the Lambs. Actually she wasn’t totally naked because the guy did at least have the decency to put a DIAPER on her like any gentleman should. And some people say that chivalry is dead? Ha!

In between scripture readings the crazy sumbitch also allegedly tried to suffocate the woman with a pillow and blanket possibly because he was astounded that she didn’t find the entire experience to be as breathtaking as he did. “If this don’t take yur breath away I know what will you whoore! Now put the lotion on yer skin or else you get the hose again!”

Update: The lady managed to escape while the kidnapper was asleep and police found her running around with a t-shirt and handcuffs. Hmmm, I wonder if the diaper was soiled…