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April 27, 2009

Peep the license plate on this car that I spotted outside of my gym the other day…



That’s a bold statement, but I’m sure this cat is still pulling all types of sexy, shallow women with that car. I’m also going to assume that Drew Peterson is the driver.

I had to make a quick escape after taking this picture because the owner came out and I wasn’t about to  get arrested for BBWSTCWMW (Being Black While Standing Too Close to a White Man’s Whip). Too many of my homies got locked up for that last year.  FACT: Black people have been getting arrested for BBWSTCWMW since slavery was in full effect, back when a whip was merely a slave master’s weapon of choice.

It’s funny how “whips” and “chains” are actually desirable to the hip hop community these days whereas they used to be tools of oppression. You know what else is cool in hip hop now? Wackness!  Back in the day if you called a rapper wack he would shank you. Telling me that I was wack was like a white man calling me a nigger (see Michael Richards). But these days if you call a rapper wack it’s a compliment. Why? Beacuse wack rappers make hits son! Ringtone money is where it’s at!  Nobody cares about  similes and wordplay and “lyrics”. That don’t sound hot on the radio sucka! I’m about to record myself snoring and throw some AutoTune effects on the track so I can get that T-Pain sound. INSTANT HOTNESS!