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The Hottest Rapper/Producer in 2009 Is…

March 12, 2009

John Mayer?!

I dare you to even pretend like you wouldn’t bump that in the whip!


Rick Ross + SongSmith = Bluegrass Hustlin??

February 4, 2009

Microsoft SongSmith is a new program that allows you to upload an acapella track and it will automatically add an (often inappropriate) instrumental.

Hilarity ensues…

A Gift From iThug

December 26, 2008

So I finally hopped back in the studio and recorded a new track. I know that I left the streets dry for a while but you best believe that I’m about to flood the block again. Get ya rainboots and ya ponchos out homie!


Click link to download!

808s and Eardrum Breaks

December 15, 2008

Chi Town might officially disown Kanye after this garbage:

Are you serious?? If he stopped “singing” and started gargling kitty litter I probably wouldn’t have noticed a difference.  The monitors in the background were hot but other than that the performance was embarrassing to watch. Unsurprisingly all of the stans commenting on his blog act like they just saw Jimi Hendrix perform at Woodstock.

And can somebody PLEASE tell me why he’s slowly transforming into TURBO from Breakin’?!? Somebody give that fool a broom!

Bert and Ernie + M.O.P = CLASSIC

December 9, 2008

Bert and Ernie did a cover of MOP’s hit “Ante Up”
I dare you to act like this ain’t hard!

You can say that on TV?!

December 8, 2008

Peep this vid that was on SNL this past Saturday and pay special attention to the chorus. I wonder if Andy Samberg is gonna blow up the internets again with this one.

iThug In Yo iPod

December 2, 2008

Here’s a classic track from your boy, iThug. Some of you might listen to this song and think, “Damn, did he write this about me?!” I’m just sayin, if the shoe fits wear it…and make sure that it’s tied tight so you can escape the unarmed security guard at Foot Locker without trippin. Real talk.

iThug Don't Love Them Heezies


iThug – eThugs and iGangstaz