Rihanna Goes Off the Deep End

Rihanna has undoubtedly confirmed, at least in my all-knowing eyes, that she isn’t afraid to do somethin strange for a little bit of change. A few nights ago she performed her new freak anthem, “Rude Boy”, at the Echo Music Awards  and by “performed” I mean gyrated, grabbed her cooter and flirted with two giant sexual predator bots for 4 minutes until one of them “discharged” on her face.  I have never been more turned on and repulsed in my life!  Watch the video:

Let’s be real, Rihanna ain’t the most exciting performer out there so I can’t  knock her for doing what she needs to do to keep people interested.  Nahmsayin? See more pics below:

Rihanna awakens the horny alien robots by producing an enchanting melody by way of her musical vagina

Looks like someone could use an umbrella, ella, ella, ay, ay ay?

See more photos and commentary @ Dlisted


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