More White People in Imminent Danger

FACT: The diet of a Great White Shark generally consists of  sea lions, seals, animated clownfish, other sharks and of course, crazy shark-attack instigating white people.

FACT: Sometimes white people like to  slather their nether regions with chum, throw on some scuba gear and play “Underwater Paparazzi” with giant deadly sea creatures.  Sounds like a hell of a Saturday morning doesn’t it??

Playing “TMZ” with a shark not extreme enough for you? Try grabbing it by the nose or tickling its anus when it swims near you. You can place bets to see how quickly you’ll lose your limb and get bonus points if it snatches you right out of the cage!

None of the fools in the pictures above were injured.  Sad, I know.  But there’s always next time. And trust me, there WILL be a next time!



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