Where the F*ck is Captain Planet?!

Why is Weatherbug blowing up my phone with severe weather condition alerts when it’s not supposed to snow or rain? Oh, word? These alerts aren’t for extreme weather? They’re for extreme pollution?! WTF?!

Apparently the air pollution in Chicago is so bad right now that an alert has gone out warning people not to stay outdoors for extended periods of time, especially if you already have respiratory problems. WOW. No wonder my damn cough won’t go away! Where the hell is this dude when you need him??

In addition to this garbage I read an article about how Chicago still doesn’t disinfect the waste water that it dumps in the river! Now you know why it always has that nasty greenish-brown color all the time. Of course we get our drinking water form Lake Michigan but this is still gross as hell. The city doesn’t actually want to take steps to clean this crap up (literally) because the resources that it would take to do so would create an even larger “carbon footprint”.



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