The Tom Foolery Excellence in Coonery Award

The Tom Foolery Excellence in Coonery Award  will be presented to the most embarrassing negro of the year.

Here are the nominees so far:

Kanye West

Only a Master of Advanced Elite Coonery could pull off Kanye’s antics.  You protest an award for which you weren’t even nominated? Wow. You’re on the red carpet with a bottle of Henny??  :dead:


Kanye’s Barber

I’m gonna need you barbers in Chicago to stop cutting labyrinths and Rorshach inkblot patterns into Kanye’s head.


Lil Mama

(Also nominated for the “Sit Yo Ass Down!” Lifetime Achievement Award)

Coonin’ is obviously contagious as she had the audacity to get on the stage at the VMA awards, uninvited, and ruin Droopy and Alicia Keys performance.
Why won’t she go away??


Serena Williams

The face says it all…



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