The Best Rapper Alive Is…Droopy?

Going forward I will only refer to Jay Z as Droopy. It may not rank high among his list of aliases but at least it’s better than Joe the Camel, right?


I’m really gonna need magazine editors to start coming up with some new ideas when they put Jay Z on the cover. This guy is too grown for these mugshot photos! This cover would be cool if it was on The Source Magazine back in 1997.  What does a damn near 40-year-old multi-millionaire with the hottest chick in the game have to mean mug about? NOTHING! You mad cuz the interior of your Maybach doesn’t exactly match the cockpit of your private jet? Yeah, that pisses me off too.

I guess I have to add this cover to the “Not A Good Look” category.

Kanye and Common will keep him company:




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