Breaking News?

I like how all of my friends were sending me texts when Michael Jackson died as if I didn’t already know. Don’t you know who I am? I’m iTHUG baby! I keep my finger on the pulse of the internets. You think it matters that I was supposed to be working when the news broke? Do you think I work?! WTF is WORK, homie?? I’M A BOSS!! I just happened to go to Yahoo to confirm what I already knew and at first I couldn’t find anything. Then I scrolled down a bit and finally saw the headline. Click the thumbnail below to see what I mean:


So the newest unneccessary Nintendo Wii accessory was more newsworthy than the death of one of the greatest artists of all time? They couldn’t even post the story as a headline at the top of the page? Vending machines that dispense comfortable shoes for $8 was a bigger attention grabber?  Good call, Yahoo! And that’s why Google is the “2 Girls” to Yahoo’s “1 Cup”.


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