iThug Approves: Starburst FaveReds


Yes, I just copped an entire case of Starburst: FaveReds and no, I ain’t sellin these bad boys and yes, I have slightly lost my mind. I don’t know if this is a limited edition thing so I want to make sure that I’m set for a while. Not familiar with Fave Reds, are you? If so, your life has been a waste!  Everyone knows that the red/purple/pink Starbursts are always the best of the bunch and the heads at the Mars corporation finally decided to do something about it.

Strawberry, Cherry, Watermelon AND Fruit Punch are the flavors that make up the Fave Reds. I’m pretty sure they’re each laced with a bit of crack to ensure customer loyalty as well. If this isn’t a hoodrat’s dream I don’t know what is.  This might be the best combination since hot sauce and…anything! I wouldn’t be surprised if they used these as currency in a few small countries. Never again will I have to unenthusiastically eat the “aight” flavors before I get to the best ones in the pack. THIS is what the game’s been missing!



One Response to “iThug Approves: Starburst FaveReds”

  1. dunbladekilla Says:

    just copped a case myself. i gotta set a limit to how many of these i allow myself a week or else id eat those corn syrup/hydrogenated oil cubes for every meal.

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