Wack Album Covers: 94′ Underground Hip Hop Edition


Remember the good ol’ days when you could look cool sitting on an oxygen tank with a 40 oz and a lead pipe with your name on it? No? Oh, that’s right, those days never existed! I tell you what though, those rap aliases back in the day were the best weren’t they? A name like Grand Daddy I.U.  would certainly put fear inside the hearts of men and tingliness inside the panties of women. Of course it’s not cool to have “Daddy” in your name in this day and age but back then it made you a BOSS. Puff Daddy, Trick Daddy and Daddy Yankee are the last of a dying breed…I hope.

I like the blue tint on the cover that makes it look like a VHS tape box that faded after you left it in the sun for too long because you let it sit in the back window of your car forever. I’m also amused by the text that looks like it was created with Microsoft WordArt. No flyer is complete without some WordArt son!



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