Revenge of the Nerd


So the Invisible Testicles (IT) department at my job decided to run up in everyone’s computers and pull a large scale jack move like Nino Brown and the Cash Money Brothers did to the Carter apartments in New Jack City. I installed Firefox on my computer about a year and a half ago and now it’s gone! After ALL this time they decided to start regulating “unauthorized” software now? I’m not just angry about what they did but I’m extra pissed off about how they did it!

So I come to work in the morning, late as usual, minding my own business, web surfing and looking for new jobs via Firefox. Then I go outside to lunch for an hour and 45 minutes despite already eating in my cubicle prior to my “lunch break.” However as soon as I return I notice that my browser is closed. Hmmm, I don’t remember doing that. Weird. I click the Firefox icon and get an error message saying something like “Missing Shortcut: The file or program does not exist.” WTF? So I look in the program files folder and I see that the entire Mozilla Firefox directory was deleted! Did these mark ass punks just straight up delete Firefox while I was at work? Yes, yes the bastards did. I was only able to confirm this after an email was sent out THE NEXT DAY to everybody saying “We, the bitches in IT, are doing a sweep and uninstalling unauthorized software. We are assholes with very tiny penises and there’s nothing that you can do about it! Heehee!” I might’ve paraphrased just a bit but you get the idea, right?

So, as you can imagine, I was quite ready to stab a fool perturbed by this whole situation. Have you used Internet Explorer 7? Do you know how much that piece of garbage sucks?? Imagine sitting on a cheese grater naked while sliding back in forth while your teeth are on fire. Yeah, it’s almost that bad. I tried to upgrade to IE 8 and of course I got a threatening email forcing me to remove it…


The IT Nazis won the battle but they would NOT win the war! I went home and installed Firefox Portable on my USB flash drive (of course the website was blocked at work like EVERYTHING else) and now I’m sitting here at work blogging like a G via Firefox and there’s NOTHING that they can do but take two of deez nuts and call me in the morning!

iThug – 1     IT Nazis – 0


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5 Responses to “Revenge of the Nerd”

  1. Piper13 Says:

    LOL. ur so crafty….

  2. FumbFinna Says:

    now in my rss reader)))

  3. Pymnluppy Says:

    Hello, I can’t understand how to add your blog in my rss reader
    internet signature:

  4. AdattyAtostal Says:

    Not yet.

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