Polar Bears = 2 | White People = 0

Remember how I posted that article a while ago about the guy in Alaska that was attacked by a polar bear after it chased him around his truck like a bitch? Well I just heard about another incident invovling white people and polar bears and honestly, I’m not the least bit surprised.


Christmas came early for the polar bears this year.

A 32-year old woman was at the Berlin Zoo with her family when she decided to hop over a fence, a prickly bush and another barrier to break into the polar bear enclosure. She then decides to swim over to one of the polar bears, probably assuming that it would smile and give her a Coke. It’s apparent that this lady is crazy or smoking some amazing weed because she definitely had a smile on her face while swimming toward a potentially gruesome, yet hilarious to watch, death:


Needless to say, when the polar bears spotted this delusional woman, they were initially confused, but quickly remembered that the craziest ones are always the tastiest ones.

Polar Bear: Mmmm, I'm about to cut some bacon off your back!

Polar Bear: Mmmm, I'm about to cut some bacon off ya back! Let me hear ya squeal!!

After being bitten like a Notorious BIG line in a Jay Z song the foolish woman eventually realized that these bears weren’t playing around. Oh, did I mention that she decided to jump in their habitat during FEEDING TIME? Fortunately there’s a video of the rescue. Unfortunately there’s a video of the rescue and not the mauling that rightfully should have occurred.



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