Wack Album Cover: Dipset Edition


Hell Rell, the second coming of Craig Mack and the hardest rapper in Dipset, has an impressive record when it comes to TERRIBLE mixtape covers. The cover for his newest masterpiece, Ruga Rell: Return to the Grind, looks like it can also double as the poster for an awful, low-budget, VHS-only, urban sci-fi movie that no sober person will ever rent from a  video store.  How many permanent markers do you have to sniff to think that it would be a good idea to turn yourself into a cyborg thug standing in front of a laser-emitting fireball? Watching too many episodes of The Sarah Connor Chronicles are we?

Here’s the plot for the movie:

Reliford “Ruga” Lawson was the biggest drug kingpin in New York until he was gunned down by a rival crew. Ruga should have died that night but he was rescued by a homeless man who rebuilt him using common household items from a dumpster. Now with the ability to cook crack faster than ever and hustle 24/7 without ever needing to sleep, Ruga seeks revenge on his killers as he attempts to reign supreme in the streets once again.

Megan Good also stars as Tina, a former child actor who copes with a severe bout of alcoholism and drug addiction after realizing that she is doomed to experience a lifetime of mediocrity as an actress and a terrible R&B singer


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