It ain’t hot yet! Sit down!



Everybody knows that the crime rate rises significantly as soon as the weather warms up. A flood of ignorance fills the streets as little punk ass unsupervised kids wreak havoc and irritate me with their mere existence. A surge of violence incited by arguments over Lil Wayne and some girl’s ass will once again threaten to destroy the black community leaving nothing but fake hair, chicken bones and tons of unread books in its wake. Unfortunately this inevitably happens every year and there’s nothing that you can do but sit back and wait for the sounds of gunshots to remix the ice cream truck jingle.

Yesterday, as I was returning home from my girl’s crib, I noticed that there were waaaaay too many hoodlum ass kids running around my block. They were outside yellin at nobody and everybody, loitering in front of doorways to buildings where none of them live, fighting and just plain gettin on my damn nerves. I heard ambulances and police cars going back and forth like they were doing suicide drills in basketball practice, and I’m pretty sure the sky turned a reddish-green. Isn’t it too early for this?? It was only 50 degrees! I’m not ready yet! I’m definitely NOT looking forward to another summer in my neighborhood. 2009 has already gotten off to a terrible start with all of the mass murders, job losses and crazy weather.

If it were up to me I’d send anyone between the ages of 10 – 22 to special camps out in the country. I’d put them to work to make them productive members of society for once. I might even conduct harmless experiments for scientific research. It’s apparent that these kids are too hyped up and fat these days. My camps would help them lose weight and learn to concentrate. Hmmm, Concentrating Encampments. That has a nice ring to it…


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