Stay Away from Dice Games!


It’s not easy on these streets mayne! Peep this excerpt from an article that ran in the Chicago Tribune today:

Tenth-grader Marquell Blake was headed for a dice game Wednesday when an man shot the teenager in the chest, killing him on the street just a few blocks from his family home, relatives said.

Blake, 15, was on spring break when he was shot about 12:30 p.m. in the 7700 block of South Carpenter Street, police said. He was the 32nd Chicago Public Schools student slain this school year.

Family members said Blake had agreed to shoot dice before a man shot him in a robbery attempt. He was carrying a large amount of cash, and his attacker knew it, a source said.

How do you get shot before you even roll the dice?? More importantly how have 32 students already been killed this year?! These kids need to spend spring break on house arrest and go to my Concentrating Encampments during the summer. The world will be a much better place! Apparently this kid was also stabbed 6 months ago so he either had a real bad streak of luck or just made some really poor decisions in life.

Whatever happened to having a good old-fashioned passionate ass whoopin and get your shoes coat and your hat tooken? — Eminem




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