Sex, Lies and Videotape

This is not an actual photo but it's relevant nonetheless!

This is not an actual photo but it's relevant nonetheless!

On this episode of “As the Tables Turn” a 27-year old college student accused 41-year old businessman, Garret Taylor, of rape. She alleged that Taylor showed up at her place with a bottle of wine and some cocaine (party time!) and forced her to perform a sexual act on himself and then proceeded to rape her in the living room. Wow, those are some mighty strong accusations. Normally a case like this would not end well for the accused, regardless of the lack of concrete evidence, but Mr. Taylor’s attorneys had one last trick up their sleeves– CELL PHONE VIDEO FOOTAGE!


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While cross examining the plaintiff Mr. Taylor’s legal team advised that they had video evidence showing that his accuser willingly gave up the goodies. Apparently the footage showed the woman “actively” performing a sex act on him. Thus it is apparent that unlike the raccoon in my previous post, the penis in her mouth wasn’t the result of a desperate self defense attack. All four counts of rape (including two for rape by oral penetration) were dropped quicker than the plaintiff’s panties and inhibitions when she consensually bumped uglies with the defendant that night.

Now it’s only a matter of time before the video pops up on…



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