Aretha Freaklin?

So this is how Aretha used to get down back in the day??


Is that a tan line or a stretch mark? Is it me or does she look pregnant?

She should reproduce this exact same album cover in 2009 with a big ass church hat instead of a fro. Obviously she’ll have to get a bigger fur coat as well to cover up all of her bosoms (NSFW). That coat would look like a mere washcloth if she were to wear it now and I bet it would barely conceal one of her royal areolas. She should also have her makeup done “Chola” style to give herself more of an edge so people will start to say “Who the hell is Sasha Fierce?”

Fun Fact: Chola is the most actively searched keyword on my blog for some reason so expect me to use it for no damn reason throughout my posts to blatantly increase page views. You cholastand what i’m sayin? Good! Chola Back Young’n! Woo Woo!



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