Don’t Drink the Kool-Aid!


Apparently 10 children in Little Rock, AK, aged 2 – 7, became sick after sippin on some windshield wiper fluid flavored Kool-Aid. Oh wait, it wasn’t Kool-Aid? Whoops! Allegedly a dumb ass employee in a day care center mistakenly placed the wiper fluid in the fridge after returning from a grocery shopping trip and later served it to the kids thinking that it was the classic fruity beverage that we’ve all grown to love. WTF?!?!

Now I’ll be the first to admit that I’ve been tempted by plenty of inappropriately colorful liquids that shouldn’t be consumed by people that didn’t vote for Bush. The mercury in thermometers? Looks like Sizzurp to me! Of course no one is as guilty of producing such misleading products as the tricky bastards at Pine-Sol.
Lemon Fresh? Orange Energy? Sounds like deliciousness to me! I could easily see some gym rat accidentally placing one of these bottles into a duffel bag thinking that it’s Gatorade. Fortunately I have resisted the urge to poison myself because I can read and I’m not retarded. Unfortunately I can’t say the same thing for little kids and grown ass day care workers.

It’s one thing to go grocery shopping and accidentally throw the wrong thing in the fridge because you’re distracted. I have certainly placed a box of Frosted Flakes in the fridge and milk in the pantry, or reached in the fridge intending to grab the orange juice only to be disappointed when I realized that I grabbed a bottle of breastmilk that was surprisingly not as good as babies make you think it is. Nevertheless it’s a whole new level of stupid when you actually serve that crap to kids and not realize it until one of their parents shanks you in the parking lot.

Well it’s safe to say that the staffer responsible for this assholery will get sued, assaulted and hopefully sent to jail. Maybe the fool will learn how to read in lock up?



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