Wack Album Cover


Why is it cool for rappers to be “at war” all the time? Who are you at war with? Regular sized clothes? You’re gonna take over the world with silly hats, XXXXL polos and suggestive hand placement?

And WTF is “Thugtertainment”?? Is that supposed to be ironically clever in the sense that it’s cleverly not clever at all?

I’m guessing the brainstorming session for this album cover went like this:

Wack Rapper: Yo son I need to think of an album cover for this new mixtape son.
Graphic Artist: Is this for Thugtertainment? Man, how’d you come up with that name?
Rapper: You know, THUG…ENTERTAINMENT…minus the ‘EN’…THUGTERTAINMENT! We wanted to keep the same amount of syllables. Nahm’sayin?
Artist: Syllables?
Rapper: Yeah…we knew that we had to have “Entertainment” in there somewhere right? And it has just the right amount of syllables so we wanted to make sure that if we put “Thug” in there it still had to be 4 syllables nah’mean? Cuz, you know, it ain’t poppin on the streets to say words with more than 4 syllables cuz that make you look gay. No Homo!
Artist: Understandably
Rapper: See? You’re gay.
Rapper: Now, you know, we SOLDIERS, so we gotta show that we takin over the world and poppin champagne on international…I mean…a whole bunch of global hos. We call em Hobals.
Artist: Gotcha. So how bout I create a map that illustrates all of your earthly conquests with you in front?
Rapper: Yeah, but I need to be in a real big room so you can see all of my XXXL polo in the picture.
Artist: Yeah, I feel you. And then we can add a thug parrot on your shoulder with a little chain and a doo rag…
Rapper: Nah son! We THUGS! Not pirates!
Artist: Aight, how about I add some barbed wire? That way it’ll look like your cave map got a extra secure perimeter to deter the haters.
Rapper: Yo son, that’s beautiful…[sniff]
Artist: Are…are you crying?
Rapper: Nah fool! That’s champagne residue! I just popped some a minute ago. Get to work!



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