Michelle Obama’s Prom Photo


This is a picture  of an 18-year old Michelle Obama and her loser date, David Upchurch, at Whitney Young High School’s 1982 prom (CHI-TOWN STAND UP!) .

My thoughts:

  1. Well it’s apparent that Michelle wasn’t shy about showing the 3-piece combo: leg, thigh, and breast.  I wonder if her date got the biscuit later that night…3-piece
  2. You can’t keep it any realer than taking a picture in the wicker chair. Ask Huey Newton:20070213-huey_newton
  3. I just realized that Michelle Obama’s date is actually Stedman Graham a.k.a Oprah’s bitch! solomonstedman-oprah
  4. I’m probably gonna get shot for writing this post so I’m about to go to Walmart and pick up a shotgun and a spear and sit in my wicker chair until them people finally come for me. THUG LIFE!





2 Responses to “Michelle Obama’s Prom Photo”

  1. Piper13 Says:

    Now you know I’m slow….I’m still trying to figure out if that’s really Stedman!
    And you know my grandma still got the wicker chair AND the matching side table.

  2. llabesab Says:

    Even then she expected that, some day, she would sit on a “Throne.” They probably built one in the White House Loo!

    And there were definite signs of her impending ugliness. A Rhianna she ain’t.

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