So I was gonna make a post about Chris Brown’s dumb ass jet skiing in paradise the other day but of course that didn’t happen.


If only he fell off and sank to the bottom. Chris Drown has a better ring to it...

I even had a funny picture with a catchy title for the post like “Chris Brown Strikes Again!”

The hits just keep coming!

The hits just keep coming!

But my laziness prevailed and I took a nap.

However I just found out about a new development in this ridiculous saga! Assclown Brown was just charged with 2 felonies–one for assault and one for making criminal threats against Rihanna. Here’s a copy of the actual affidavit (props to http://www.dajaz1.com) that was filed by the LAPD:




Punching, scratching, slapping, choking and biting?! Who the hell puts a passenger in a headlock while drving a Lamborghini? This dude is almost as bad as that chimpanzee that damn near killed that lady a few weeks ago. I bet Jay Z wouldn’t mind if Bitch Brown shared the same fate as that monkey.  Seriously, how can anybody really come to his defense after reading that? More importantly, how is this fool still on the streets??! And you mean to tell me that Rihanna is still with this punk? So much for her standing up for all the battered women in the world. It’s unfortunate that she dropped the ball on this one, but luckily Ghostface Killah, of all people, came through with a positive message that everyone can appreciate:


Ghostface Killah – A Message  From Ghostface

(shout out to hiphopupdate.blogspot.com)


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