Chris Brown is DONE! (Real Rihanna Pic)

Well there’s no need to speculate on the extent of Rihanna’s injuries any more…


If this is Photoshopped the person responsible must be The Devil and/or the Head Graphic Artist at Pixar Studios. Besides, that roman numeral tattoo looks legitimate to me!

Now it’s apparent that we still don’t know the whole story but that excuse is starting to wear quite thin. Anybody that comes to Chris Clown’s defense at this point, and there are a lot of them, shouldn’t be too surprised when they get chopped in the throat without warning. Defending him, and thus rejecting Rihanna’s possible innocence, without knowing the whole story is just as bad as automatically accusing him of wrongdoing on the same grounds.  I understand that you wanna give him the benefit of the doubt but, unless she inflicted this damage to herself on some Thin Line Between Love and Hate type ish or was possessed and required an exorcism, it’s not looking too good for ya boy…


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