DMX in Solitary Coonfinement

Where my dogs at?! Nevermind...

Arf! Arf! Mind yo business lady!

No, that is not a typo in the title…

Earl Simmons aka DMX-con is locked up in solitary confinement following an altercation with prison guards in an Arizona state detention center. As you know he was sentenced to 90 days in jail after pleading guilty to cruelty to animals, theft, two drug counts, public tomfoolery and jigaboo foolishness.

For some people 90 days in jail might seem like a long time but when you look at all of the stupid stuff that Crackhead Earl has done over the last few years you can’t help but think he’s getting off easy.

Apparently this fool refused to report to his prison job (clamping those little plastic tips to the ends of shoe strings?), failed to show up to receive his medication (God, help us) and decided to go off on prison staff when he came back an hour late to pick it up…hence why he was eventually thrown in the hole. Now I bet he really thinks that It’s Dark and Hell Is Hot!



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