So I went to the store to get something to eat for lunch cuz I was hungry from all of the internet surfing and instant messaging work that I’ve been doing all day. I took my food up to the cashier and it rang up to $6.12–chump change for iThug, of course.

As you know iThug likes to make it rain so I threw a bunch of big face twenty dollar bills in the air, only to quickly catch and pocket all but one of them so I could actually pay for the food. Everybody in the store was all impressed and on my nuts telling me how dope I was when the cashier gave me back my change. Well, not quite. She gives me 88 cents and a receipt and says “Have a good day!”


I look at my hand…look at the receipt…look back at my hand…look at the cashier…look at the back of my hand…raise it up in pimp-slap formation and I says to her I says, “I gave you a dub! Where da rest of my change?!”

She looked at my hands, skeptically at first, possibly considering that I might be a street magician trying to trick her to get some extra dough (I stopped doing that months ago). In her mind she was probably thinking,”You got your change when Obama got elected, boy!” Nevertheless I arched my eyebrow extra hard to show that I meant business and she proceeded to gimme my thirteen dollars. I slapped her with the money to balance out my karma since 13 is an unlucky number and then I walked out like a G, never to return again…until next Monday, probably.



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