-10 Degrees…



It’s STUPID cold in Chicago right now! It’s so cold I got frostbite just from looking out the window son!

~think warm thoughts, think warm thoughts~

Moving along…

Tell me why I was sittin on the bus chillin, literally, cuz the CTA doesn’t take too kindly to “warmth”, when I hear some loud music blaring from some soon to be deaf person’s headphones. I look around to see who it is so I could kick em in the throat and to my surprise it was a grown woman, around 45 years old, listening to Lil Boosie – Wipe Me Down. And get this…she knew the words! She was mouthing each wack verse like she was lip synching at the BET Awards.  I couldn’t even be mad.

Update: -12 DEGREES!!!!!!! It’s even colder for people who live outside of the city but that’s what they get for being in the suburbs!

Update 2: It feels like this outside:



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