“Nah, we straight”

Here’s proof that President Elect BARACK OBAMA is from Chicago. He was visiting Ben’s Chili Bowl in Washington DC when he made this comment:

(Fast Forward to 1:07)

That’s gangsta! I’m just waiting for him to ask for some mild sauce or say “I put that on Larry Hoover!”


(Fast Forward to 1:27)

“Hey, how come he’s got some shredded cheese on his but I don’t have none on mine? We got some cheese you can sprinkle on it? Not the Velveeta but the shredded cheese…”

Play on playa!


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One Response to ““Nah, we straight””

  1. Piper13 Says:

    WOW. I love my president.

    Him holdin that baby was hilarious too. And somebody yellin “SWEET TEA” all extra loud around 1:23

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