Do the Stanky Leg?

I’m so tired of all these damn “rappers” coming out with songs with wack dance moves.  What even pisses me off more is the fact that these lame youtube videos are getting millions of hits!

Example 1:

Do the Stanky Leg?!? How do you even come up with this silly garbage?

Wack Rapper 1: Man yo living room smell funny.
Wack Rapper 2: Yeah my momma just put some Ben-Gay on her leg.
WacK Rapper 1: Damn, yo momma got a stanky leg!
Wack Rapper 2: Hahaha, stanky leg. Wait a minute! <epiphany> That could make for a hot dance!
Wack Rapper 1: Brilliant! Let’s watch some monkeys on The Discovery Channel and come up with some coonish choreography for a YouTube video!

Example 2: This one is called “The Ricky Bobby”

I’ve watched Talledega Nights several times and there was no point when I thought “Hmmm, you know what? Ricky Bobby would make a great name for a dance!”

Well you know what? I think it’s time for iThug to cash in on this silly dance craze. I just need to watch TV or huff hot sauce until I can think of a perfectly miscellaneous title for my new YouTube dance video. I’ll know that I made it big as soon as I see a few white girls dancing to it.

Be on the lookout for that new iThug song/dance! I’ll keep you posted…


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