Caucoonery: caucasoidal coonery

Following the “success” of Flavor of Love VH1 decided to increase its selection of trashy reality television shows by adding Rock of Love to its repertoire . After giving viewers two seasons of pure, visual herpes the producers decided to change the format to spice things up. This time around they decide to do away with the sleaze infested mansion and replace it with a tour bus that Bret Michaels uses to parade his silicone muppets throughout various meth-laden counties of the Midwest–also referred to as the “Meth Circuit.”

I came across this clip from the FIRST episode of Rock of Love Bustdowns on Dlisted:

“You DO NOT waste alcohol like that. That is NOT cool”

That’s real talk, tho…

While Flavor of Love sets ALL black people back about 100 years the Rock of Love Bus only makes white people feel better about themselves. See, white people are able to isolate themselves from the “undesirables” by categorizing them as a different species (e.g. Rednecks or Trailer Trash). Unfortunately black people have been unsuccessful in creating such distinctions. Any black neighborhood = ghetto. One ig’nant Negro = EVERY Negro. I believe that the Latin phrase commonly used to describe this phenomenon is “Coon Pluribus Unum” which translates to “Out of many Negroes, one…can mess it up for everybody”


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