White people sure love…



Nothing gets white people’s blood pumping like a good ol’ fashioned mauling! This guy in Barrow, Alaska BEAR-LY escaped instant disembowelment after being chased around his truck by a man-eating polar bear. It took a good swipe at him like a feisty chola with a razor blade in her mouth, but he managed to jump in someone else’s truck seconds before being chopped up like he was in a life size Magic Bullet (As Seen On TV!).  This story just proves that the Chicago Bears aren’t the only ones that can’t make a decent tackle…


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One Response to “White people sure love…”

  1. Polar Bears = 2 | White People = 0 « iThugLife Says:

    […] By ithugofficial Remember how I posted that article a while ago about the guy in Alaska that was attacked by a polar bear after it chased him around his truck like a bitch? Well I just heard about another incident […]

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