If the shoe fits, throw it!

The jokes write themselves, folks…

So (almost former) President Bush was at a press conference in the Iraqi prime minister’s office, probably embarrassing the US, when a reporter TOOK OFF BOTH OF HIS SHOES AND THREW THEM AT THE PRESIDENT! He also shouted, “This is the farewell kiss, you dog!” except he said it in Arabic so you know it sounded extra nasty.  Apparently in Arab culture throwing shoes at people is akin to stomping on somebody’s new white sneakers.  Some cats will walk up in the bingo hall and stab your grandma for steppin on their Air Force Ones.

To say that this guy has balls of steel is an understatement.  He should immediately be nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize or Obama cabinet position like Secretary of F*ck Bush.

Of course this whole incident immediately reminded me of this:


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